Foundation PHP for Flash

PHP and Flash were made for one another.Sure, Flash can impress us on its own, but to create a changing, fully interactive Flash web site, you need to add some power behind the scenes. Put simply, PHP is the free and easy way to do it. With a list of functions as long as your arm PHP can always add dynamic sparkle to your Flash sites, and this book is your introduction to the sea of possibilities server-side scripting offers.Foundation PHP for Flash will part that sea, and guide you through at your own speed.

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AJAX and PHP Building Responsive Web Applications

"Computer, draw a robot!" said my young cousin to the first computer he had ever seen. (Since I had instructed it not to listen to strangers, the computer wasn't receptive to this command.) If you're like me, your first thought would be "how silly" or "how funny"—but this is a mistake. Our educated and modeled brains have learned how to work with computers to a certain degree. People are being educated to accommodate computers, to compensate for the lack of ability of computers to understand humans. (On the other hand, humans can't accommodate very well themselves, but that's another story.) This little story is relevant to the way people instinctively work with computers. In an ideal world, that spoken command should have been enough to have the computer please my cousin. The ability of technology to be user-friendly has evolved very much in the past years, but there's still a long way till we have real intelligent computers. Until then, people need to learn how to work with computers—some to the extent that they end up loving a black screen with a tiny command prompt on it. Not incidentally, the computer-working habits of many are driven by software with user interfaces that allow for intuitive (and enjoyable) human interaction.

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Beginning Ajax with PHP: From Novice to Professional by Lee Babin

An interesting misconception regarding Ajax is that, given all the cool features it has to offer, the JavaScript code must be extremely difficult to implement and maintain. The truth is, however, that beginning your experimentation with the technology could not be simpler. The structure of an Ajax-based server request is quite easy to understand and invoke. You must simply create an object of the XMLHttpRequest type, validate that it has been created successfully, point where it will go an where the result will be displayed, and then send it. That’s really all there is to it.If that’s all there is to it, then why is it causing such a fussll of a sudden? It’s because Ajax is less about the code required to make it happen and more about what’s possible from a functionality, ergonomics, and interface perspective. The fact that Ajax is rather simple to implement from a development point of view is merely icing on a very fine cake. It allows developers to stop worrying about making the code work, and instead concentrate on imagining what might be possible when putting the concept to work.

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Learning PHP and MySQL

Featuring basic concepts explained in plain English, Learning PHP and MySQL is the ideal guide for newcomers attracted to the popular PHP and MySQL combination. Learn how to generate dynamic web content in a slow, easy-to-follow fashion. Also covers error handling, security, HTTP authentication, and more. Part of O'Reilly's bestselling "Learning" series.
The PHP scripting language and MySQL open-source database are quite effective independently, but together they make a simply unbeatable team. When working hand-in-hand, they serve as the standard for the rapid development of dynamic, database-driven websites. This combination is so popular, in fact, that it's attracting many programming newbies who come from a web or graphic design background and whose first language is HTML. If you fall into this ever-expanding category, then this book is for you.

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Building Tag Clouds in Perl and PHP

Tag clouds are everywhere on the web these days. First popularized by the web sites Flickr, Technorati, and del.icio.us, these amorphous clumps of words now appear on a slew of web sites as visual evidence of their membership in the elite corps of "Web 2.0." This PDF analyzes what is and isn't a tag cloud, offers design tips for using them effectively, and then goes on to show how to collect tags and display them in the tag cloud format. Scripts are provided in Perl and PHP.
Yes, some have said tag clouds are a fad. But as you will see, tag clouds, when used properly, have real merits. More importantly, the skills you learn in making your own tag clouds enable you to make other interesting kinds of interfaces that will outlast the mercurial fads of this year or the next.

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Building Websites With Joomla! | Hagen Graf

This book is a fast paced tutorial to creating a website using Joomla!. If you’ve never used Joomla!, or even any web content management system before, then this book will walk you through each step in a friendly and accessible way. From installation, to initial set up and content entry and then on to customization for your own look and feel, this book will get you to a stable and working Joomla! based web site fast. You don’t have to be an experienced web developer or designer to get a great looking site with a full set of functions using this book and Joomla! This book will guide through every step.

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PHP Essentials, 2nd Edition

Write dynamically generated pages with ease using PHP! Dive into the new edition of this popular guide to PHP. With a true focus on the essentials, this book gives you the solid foundation in PHP programming you’re looking for. And you don’t have to be a computer scientist or programmer to learn from it! The simple, learn-by-example format of “PHP Essentials” will allow you to quickly use the power of PHP to develop successful, dynamic Web sites.

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PHP Advanced Ajax Architecture and Best Practices

Advanced Ajax: Architecture and Best Practices is the definitive guide to building business-critical, production-quality Web applications with Ajax. Shawn M. Lauriat systematically addresses the design, architecture, and development issues associated with Ajax, offering proven patterns and robust code examples available in no other book. You'll find best practices for addressing the full spectrum of issues enterprise Ajax developers face: scalability, performance, security, reliability, flexibility, maintainability, and reusability.

Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers

The web framework Ruby on Rails for developing database based web applications provides a Model-View-Controller framework. The required web server WEBrick is included with Ruby on Rails. The framework is configured with the MySQL database by default, but may be configured with another database.
The book covers developing web applications with Ruby on Rails. Technologies discussed include Ajax, directory services, and web services. A comparison is made with PHP, the most commonly used scripting language for developing web applications.

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PHP in 10 minutes

Are you one of those people who think there isn't anything substantial that you can do in only 10 minutes? Think again. Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 10 Minutes is a no-fluff, just-the-answers guide to building dynamic websites using PHP. Broken into 10 minute lessons, you will gain a rapid working knowledge of PHP 5 and be able to immediately put that knowledge to use in practical applications. Who ever would have thought there was so much you could do in just 10 minutes!

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Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL

This is a comprehensive, practical guide for programmers who want to develop production-quality, database-enabled web applications with PHP and MySQL. Long-time developer Marc Wandschneider systematically addresses the entire process: not only coding, but also upfront application, user interface and database design, PLUS security, testing, and more.

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255 of Best PHP Scripts For Web Designers

PHP Scripts
"Submit-A-Link" Style Script linksubmit.zip
"Suggest My Site" Script suggest.zip
"Users Online" Script #1 usersonline.zip
"Users Online" Script #2 cjusersonline.zip
Advanced Guestbook Script guestbook.zip
Affiliate Banner Rotation Script adrotator.zip
Affiliate Linkmaster affiliatemask.zip
Affiliate Program (Advanced Version) postaffiliate.zip
Affiliate Program (Basic Version) phpaffiliate.zip
Another PHP Web FTP Program webftp.zip

..... And Many More

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Building Websites with Joomla 1.5 Beta 1

The book has been rewritten for v 1.5, apart from parts of Chapter 1 that cover CMS and Joomla! history. The presentation style is similar to that of the v 1.0 book and similar issues are discussed.

Improvements include:
Internationalization: UTF-8 coding throughout, support of right-to-left text flow, and optional language files for all static text facilitate I18n of public front end and administrative back end alike.
User Plug-ins: Allow alternative login mechanisms etc.
Databases: An abstraction interface supports MySQL 4.x or 5.x and future use of other databases.
FTP: A new FTP interface avoids PHP safe mode access problems.
XML-RPC: Support for web service integration of external applications.
Joomla! Framework: Fundamental overhaul of the core functionality provides a better framework for component and extension developers.
Accessibility: Separation of front-end programming logic and presentation aids compliance with accessibility standards and future barrier-free websites.
SEF: Improved support for search-engine friendly URLs with extensions.

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The PHP Anthology: Object Oriented PHP Solutions with Code - Ebook

As a PHP developer, there are certain problems you’re almost guaranteed to face. Generating charts and graphs, converting HTML documents to PDF format—PHP is equipped to handle all of these, but coming up with the best implementation can be tricky! Now, instead of trawling through message boards and mailing lists for the answer, you can just crack open The PHP Anthology: Object Oriented PHP Solutions!

The PHP Anthology: Object Oriented PHP Solutions is a complete reference guide for any PHP developer—hobbyist or professional—to help you write better, faster and more secure code that solves common problems. The author, Harry Fuecks, has compiled over 100 best-practice solutions that any developer will find invaluable when building content management systems, intranets, shopping carts or anything else.

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Zend PHP Certification Guide and Practice - ebook

Edition : January 2005
Writing an exam is an easy task. Socrates is quoted as saying that “an unexamined life is not worth living,” but (although he wasn’t really referring to taking technical tests) we’re sure that most people sitting in an examination room would gladly exchange places with the legendary philosopher and drink his hemlock rather than take a test. Luckily, writing an exam doesn’t have to be such a traumatic experience. Given enough preparation and experience, you should be able to successfully pass it without much in the way of problems. The Zend exam itself is designed with two goals in mind: first, to test your knowledge of PHP and, second, to do so with as much of a practical approach as possible.

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